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  1. Mellow definition is - tender and sweet because of ripeness. How to use mellow in a sentence.
  2. adjective, mel·low·er, mel·low·est. soft, sweet, and full-flavored from ripeness, as fruit.
  3. At Mellow we have a long history of handcrafted quality. For over 40 years we have used only the freshest ingredients in our kitchens to bring you the best pizzas on the planet. We have that same passion for quality behind our bars. Take me to the drinks.
  4. mellow verb [I/T] (SOFTEN) to become more pleasing because of becoming more smooth, soft, or well developed and less sharp, bright, new, or rough: [ I ] The bright orange of the fresh paint mellowed as it dried. [ T ] Those medicinal herbs can be mixed with more appetizing herbs (= herbs that taste better) to mellow .
  5. The mellow voice of the Wanderer was grave, and he laid a hand on Bert's arm. They will require a little wine, to mellow the austerity of age, and make them amenable to the laws. The only way is to give them drink; this will mellow the sourness of age. I detected, too, a note of anxiety in the mellow voice that he could not quite suppress.
  6. mellow - YouTube Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
  7. Mellow is the first sous-vide machine designed around a busy home cook's day: it combines the technology to make jaw-dropping food with a second setup, an in-app assistant chef, and built-in refrigeration. Poached eggs, 8am, soft. Control your food from anywhere and Mellow .
  8. Mellow Mushroom is proud to serve delicious pizza, hoagies, calzones and salads. Check out our gluten free and lacto-ovo vegetarian pizzas and salads!

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